Minors considered for phasing out pending financial stress

by Kristen Grattan | Staff Writer

Due to recent financial distress, Whitworth administrators have suggested the possible recommendation of reallocating some minors and majors, according to the recent budget prioritization report. That is contingent on if the school faces more financial hardships.

There have been no final decisions on which majors and minors would be phased out if the school has more financial hardships. However, if the school experiences more financial difficulties, a few majors and minors are being recommended to be phased out, according to the report.

The French major and minor, as well as the German and athletic coaching minors are on the list to be recommended being phased out. If those minors and majors were to be phased out, existing the students would be “taught out” but no one else would be accepted into the program.

“Taught out” means that the students in the program would be able to finish the program and graduate with their major or minor.

“We recommend relocating leadership studies to the School of Business, and phasing out the community transformation minor,” Carol Simons said at an ASWU meeting on Feb. 15. “Phasing out means they would teach the courses and degree out for everyone currently registered for the minor.”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea for the German language to be cut, but I understand at the same time because we have so few people,” sophomore Isabel Hoggatt said.

Hoggatt says that since Whitworth is a liberal arts institution, we should not only learn languages, but learn to be culturally aware as well.

“I know a lot of the money is going to sports,” Hoggatt said. “I think sports are important, but it just doesn’t last as long. Education is lifelong; sports isn’t.”

Hoggatt says that the German minor educates not only the mind, but the heart. She says she is not only learning the German language, but also the culture and how to connect with those people.

One of the other minors being recommended for reallocation is athletic coaching.

“I think the value of having an athletic coaching minor is to make an impact on other kids’ life at any age,” junior Jayden Jira said.

Jira plays for the football team and says his dream of being a football coach continues to be inspired by his coaches, on and off the field.

“My coach had a big impact on my life in high school for football and that’s what made me want to be a coach,” Jira said. “I even look to my high school coach as a father figure now.”

Jira says they should cut minors that already have a major in the same subject if that particular minor is lacking students.

According to the budget prioritization SharePoint, the university is making structural adjustments that will allow for strategic improvements while keeping tuition increases low and faculty/staff compensation increases at levels appropriate to its quality.

The SharePoint can be found on Pirate Port, while the transcript from the ASWU meeting can be found on the ASWU website or by requesting them from ASWU secretary Tristan Renz at trenzz20@my.whitworth.edu.

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