ASWU executive candidates debate before election

Abebaye Asrat Bekele | Staff Writer 

The ASWU executive debates were held on April 10. Presidential candidates Jeff DeBray and  Hannah Le Roy, executive vice president candidate Dylan Reyes and financial vice president candidates Andrew Weeks and Shaun Fisher were asked questions on various issues from the audience, the organizers of the debate and each other.    

Making it [ASWU] more connected with residence life so it can have a more visible presence is one solution to get more people involved, DeBray said.

“I would hope that ASWU can come to those Prime Times and engage with the students first and it also encourages them to be involved in leadership,” DeBray said.

DeBray is a junior majoring in political science and economics, and the current ASWU financial vice president.

“[Leadership is] a proactive and reactive position of empowering students learning what they want to see and then moving forward from there,” DeBray said.

As a president, I would patch the disconnect with students by getting to know people and by being more approachable, Le Roy said.  

“A good way to amend that [disconnect with ASWU president] is to go to Prime Times got to BJ’S primetime get to know them and be part of their community,” Le Roy said.

Le Roy is a Junior majoring in sociology with an emphasis in social services.

Being able to hear what other people have to say is really valuable, Le Roy said.

“I have a passion for people that is one of the big reasons why I decided to run for executive Vice president,” said executive vice president candidate Dylan Reyes.

Reyes is a junior majoring in theology.

As a leader, my role is to bridge the gap between the leadership and what people want, Reyes said.   

“I am running because as an executive member I think I can be a very effective leader on the ASWU team and allow our student government to be a lot more transparent to the student body,” Weeks said.

Weeks is a freshman majoring in arts administration. He is also the current senator of Duvall.

Fisher is a sophomore and he is the current senator of Baldwin Jenkins.

Financial vice president candidate Shaun Fisher was encouraged to apply by his friends and being a Mathematical Economics and Mathematics dual major has helped him learn about finances, Fisher said

“Not only is it all about money in the books but I think the FVP position is a very strong interpersonal position where you go out and make this connection with the student body and helping students connect them with other students that have similar passions as them,” Fisher said.

Elections will be held April 11. Students can vote from home or their dorm rooms by going to the website, Whitworth and then by logging in using their regular username and password or students can vote in the HUB by using the iPads provided for this purpose.

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