ASWU launches new student engagement app

by James Kile | Staff Writer

After a year in the making, the ASWU leadership team has launched its new app.

The HFS (Honor Follow Serve) app is now available in both the App Store and Google Play as of its launch date of Feb. 5.

Junior Sophia Lizberg, ASWU’s marketing and PR director, explained the choice of the app’s name. 

“Overall, all of the goals align with the overarching goal of making it easier for our students to figure out how they can honor, follow and serve while being a part of the Whitworth community,” Lizberg said.

Jason Chapman, ASWU’s director of student activities, explained that one of the main aims of the app is to provide students with an easier way to access information about on-campus events and clubs. 

According to Chapman, the app has a number of new features that will help promote student involvement.    

“We have the ability to track attendance at events by having students ‘check-in’ at events using the QR code scanner on the app. It also provides us the ability to get quality feedback on an event, so that we aren’t just measuring whether an event is successful or not solely based on numbers,” Chapman said. “Users of the app can see all of the events happening on campus, be able to sort by event type, and add events to their personal calendars or set a reminder for the event.”

Chapman believes that HFS will be very beneficial to the Whitworth community and especially for clubs on campus.

“The benefits for our clubs are tremendous. When we were doing training for the club leaders, we got a lot of positive feedback from them about how beneficial they see this platform being for them,” Chapman said.

Lizberg also stated that the app will serve as a useful tool for finding official university documents. 

“While speaking with students during and after the launch, I heard how excited they are to have a go-to place for information about all events on campus,” Lizberg said. “Once our documents and forms are switched over to the digital process, it will be much easier for us to reach our goal of becoming more sustainable.”

ASWU members have high hopes for the impact that HFS will make as the Whitworth community adjusts to it and adopts it.

“The possibilities for the impact this app can have on campus are immense, and I believe it will be very successful for years to come,” Lizberg said.

To learn more about HFS, go to