ASWU Update April 17

  • President Beck Taylor spoke to ASWU about two decisions made by the Board of Trustees. They made changes Whitworth’s denominational connections (see page 3). They also changed the wording of Whitworth’s cohabitation policy to remove a statment that defined marriage as between a man and a woman (see “Board of Trustees decides on denominational relationships, student handbook” online at
  • Jack Dunbar and other students who went on the service trip to Jamaica thanked ASWU for the $1,500 requisition that they used to lower the cost of plane tickets for the trip.
  • Bryce McCandless and Ruthie Wabula presented to ASWU about the LS350 project, which will support Community Health Evangelism’s work in Ethiopia.
  • A requesition by Samantha Pridemore for $1,900 to purchase 100 Spokane Block Party T-shirts and 200 tank tops to be sold as a fundraiser. ASWU passed the requisition but with a reduced number of tank tops (100), bringing the cost down to around $1,180.

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