ASWU update Feb. 27

Instead of their usual Wednesday meeting, ASWU members went around campus with their second semester climate survey, through which they gauge student body opinion on a variety of subjects.

Financial Update

Students can requisition funds from two sources. The capital budget is money that must be used for things that would benefit students for at least five years. Money leftover in any ASWU account at the end of the year rolls over into capital. This started at $18,200 at the beginning of the year, and is now at $13,633.

The unallocated fund does not have the five-year restriction. It was at $11,300 at the beginning of the year. While the actual number for spring has not yet been calculated, pending enrollment figures, it is estimated at $4,200.

This semester’s approved requisitions from capital were $76 for a new desk chair for the HUB info desk, $460 for Kipos to build a hydrotonics system for Sodexo, and $1,050 for Duvall to purchase a 70-in flat screen TV to replace their broken set in the movie room.

From the unallocated funds $100 was given to the club formerly called Invisible Children for a leadership retreat, $1,200 for the Jamaica service learning trip to subsidize the cost for students, and $200 in start-up money to the Alzheimer’s Club for events this spring.

Any student can requisition funds, using the form available on the Whitworth website. Matthew Valdez, ASWU’s Financial Vice President, encourages students to come to ASWU meetings on Wednesday nights at 5 p.m. in the HUB Chamber sand give feedback on how they would like the money to be spent.

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