ASWU Update March 13

ASWU voted on two issues Wednesday, March 6. First, they voted to charter the Filmmaking Club, which will be active this semester. The club did not request any money.Secondly, the issue of a requisition for $1,100 to assist in the purchase of the four paintings currently displayed in the HUB expansion was revisited. The requisition was originally presented Feb. 20. At the time it was tabled, pending information from ASWU’s temperature survey.  The survey found that about 49 percent of respondents did not want ASWU to provide the money to purchase the paintings, 39 percent did, and 12 percent did not have an opinion. Information on the number of students surveyed was not provided. The body voted 12 to 2 to pass the requisition, suggesting that a plaque or sign be put up to explain the history of the paintings.

Other survey results were also discussed. Those included student reactions to UNITE, programming ASWU has put on so far this year, and their communication methods.

Student Success Advocate Landon Crecelius updated ASWU on his position, which was pioneered this year, and what he and his team have been working on. The team supports students who are at a risk of failing by partnering with them.

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