Executive Vice Presidential Candidate: Brittany Roach

Major: Political Science
Minors: Sociology
Year: Junior

Why are you running for EVP?

I am running for EVP because I am passionate about student government and making sure that the student voice is heard by everyone. Whitworth is our institution and I want to serve it in the best way possible. I believe utilizing my talents and previous experience in ASWU being EVP is the best way for me to serve the student body.

What changes would you like to bring to ASWU next year?

EVP is a source of accountability within ASWU meaning that they ensure that all members are completing their jobs, know how to perform their jobs and that they have all of the tools they need to do their job. This is the most important aspect of the position. I would like to focus more on the aspect of making sure everyone knows how to do their jobs and that they have the tools they need. This means having more effective training and meeting with all of the positions to see if there is anything I could do for them. For me efficiency is key, but for that to happen everyone must be well informed. This is the biggest change that I would make.

What are the unique ideas, issues, and proposals in your campaign platform?

Campaigning should not be about promises, it should be about performance and results. I have proven in the past that I am invested in this school and that I can deliver from the planning of Homecoming, Whitworth Unplugged, PostSecret, The Vagina Monologues and much more. My platform is that it takes leadership experience to build leaders. Building leaders is exactly what the EVP is supposed to do and I could not be more thrilled if I were elected and given the opportunity to do just that.

Why is the EVP position important to the student body?

The EVP position is important to the student body because they are a direct representative for the student voice in many venues whether it be with the President, the President’s cabinet, Board of Trustees or in ASWU meetings. It would be my job to be the student voice, something I take extremely seriously.

Why should we vote for you, instead of your opponent?

Experience is everything with the EVP position because you need to be able to help senators, representatives and even coordinators when they have questions. To be a more effective support system for ASWU, as a body, the EVP needs to be able to know the ins and outs of each job. This is an area where I excel. I have been a senator, a representative and a coordinator. I know what it feels like to not have a clue what to do or what is going on and there is no one to help me.  This passion for helping others and ultimately increasing the efficiency of ASWU is only enhanced by my experience. While, I am confident Melinda would do a great job; I feel my experience adds an invaluable dimension to the EVP position.

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