Executive Vice Presidential Candidate: Tim Gjefle

Major: Biology and Secondary Education

Year: Junior

Editorial Board: What is your class load like for next year and what will your other responsibilities be?

Tim Gjefle: I’ll be taking 17 credits both semesters and be involved in BELIEF.

EB: Why are you running for this ASWU position/why are you a qualified candidate?

TG: I’ve been an ra for the last two years and I decided to not to reapply. I want to stay involved in leadership for sure. Getting to know people on that type of level is sweet. I want to invest in that again. Specifically, EVP gets to work with senators and RDs. ASWU has the potential to be a group of people to take what is going on up there and the entire campus and put it into action. As far as EVP goes, relationships, relationship, relationships, so much of that is what this job is about. But then there is the side where I have to deal with confrontation. Dealing with that has been huge for me over the last couple of years as an RA. I like to ask the question: “what’s at the core of this, not necessarily the people, but whats the problem?”

EB: What do you think is the greatest need of the student body? How do you propose to meet that need?

TG: Honestly, with a new group of freshmen coming in, it’s going to vary by year, whether it’s diversity, religion, or something else, theres always going to be different topics based on different groups. I don’t want to say [the greatest need is] diversity but it is diversity. There are things that I don’t have to think about in my daily life that others do. Getting a group of people to be open about what they believe is important.

EB: What are your feelings about transparency in ASWU?

TG: I feel like it could be more transparent. They don’t get into dorms enough and I understand they do their best to have that one-on-one relationship. That’s another reason I’m super passionate about this position. Those faces that are in that room need to be out of that room as well.

EB: What are three things specifically do you want to have accomplished by the end of the first semester if you are elected?

TG: 1. A lot of team bonding happens in the first couple weeks before students show up but I think it would be sweet to have an afternoon where we get together and dive into those relationships even more.

2. Primetimes – make that a regular thing.

3. Inviting different groups once a month to ASWU meetings. There are a lot of clubs on campus and I feel they could add to our discussion. Be intentional about that. The bad side of that is different clubs and groups would be left out so we would have to ask groups about that at the beginning of the year.

EB: What is the relationship between ASWU and the Whitworthian?

TG: We would be telling you guys a lot of what is going. Through transparency we will be able to understand what those opinions are. Also [ASWU] could encourage you guys to find people who are passionate about those topics either with or against the majority opinion.

EB: What are the weaknesses in terms of the position you’re running for?

TG: I have a bad time saying no so I would have to be careful not to overload myself and not take on too much. Really, learn to delegate better. BELIEF will be my other big commitment. But really focusing on what my job is here. I like to think I’m really good with organization, but when things get busy it can be difficult.

EB: Why should we vote for you rather than your opponent?

TG: Relationships. I love getting to know people and I love investing in those relationships so that opportunity with senators is really cool. Learning from those individuals is a strong point for me and I’ve grown in that over the last few years. I’m confident in my confrontation skills. I’ve been fortunate to have those confrontation experiences, but if they come up I’ve had training for two years.  Being able to work with different types of people. Sitting back and listening to what people have to say and figuring out when to talk and when to listen. I know Christine has been in this position for the semester, I haven’t been in her shoes and I don’t know how she does with relationships. I’ve lived in three different dorm communities and I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have a lot of people across campus that are supporting me.

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