In the Chambers

by Eric Fullerton

This week in ASWU we addressed several issues that people have been asking me about. Jim O’Brien and Dan King of Sodexo came to present and listen to ASWU.

They wanted to address any questions ASWU and the student body had about Sodexo.

I was extremely proud, not just of the members of ASWU, but also of the students who came to the meeting and asked Jim and Dan questions of their own. I do feel that the ASWU members asked quite a few pertinent questions that Jim and Dan promised they would get back to us on.

If you have not read the minutes of the ASWU’s last meeting I would encourage you to scan the QR code below to unleash the powers of ASWU.

The minutes are published online after being approved at the next meeting, so the they are a bit delayed. But, in order to keep all of you informed, there are shortened minutes posted in one of the glass display cases on the way into the main cafeteria.

Now on to the discussion that happened in the last meeting; there were many questions that were asked of both Dan and Jim, but I will cover only a few, due to the limited space.

The first question that was addressed was the question of what the administrative team of Sodexo was doing to enhance the selection of meals for those with food allergies. The response that Jim and Dan gave back to ASWU shows Sodexo’s commitment to serving the students in a humble manner. Jim stated in an email to ASWU that after the meeting they sat down and ordered more allergy-conscious foods, but Jim stated, “In the meantime, I will go shopping locally to upgrade the quality and quantity of items available.”

The second and third items I will address are the discussion on French Dip Fridays and Sunday sundaes. The administration of Sodexo will address these changes to the student body in the upcoming week.

ASWU suggested that Sodexo place another, small, sandwich press in the main cafeteria due to the use that the large panini press receives. Also, in the Café, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Sodexo will restart its Mein Street (Asian foods) at the Grill—running from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Another Item of note is that Sodexo will experiment with making fresh crepes for breakfast to see how students react and whether to continue the service. There are many other items that Sodexo addressed with ASWU; again, if you want to hear more just email me.

Last thing! HOMECOMING is this week! Get pumped, because it is going to ROCK!

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