In the Chambers April 4

by Melinda Leavitt

In ASWU this past week, we heard from Dr. Larry Burnley and Greg Orwig.

Dr. Burnley spoke to us on the topic of why diversity is pursued by Whitworth’s administration and the conversations it is encouraging on our campus.

Greg Orwig came and showed us the projections for the incoming freshman class this upcoming fall. So far, the incoming class is looking good and right on track for next year. Greg also told us that prospective students are more likely to come and enroll at Whitworth if they interact with the students already here. Keep selling Whitworth because you all are the ones helping recruit new students to our awesome school.

We also heard from our fearless Sodexo leaders, Jim O’Brien and Dan King. Whitworth is one of eight testing sites in the U.S. for a new menu in our cafeteria. We’ll be testing it for about four weeks and there will be lots of changes.

Your mind will be blown by all of the great food coming our way. Our jaws were all on the floor just hearing the menu options and we know yours will be too. Make sure to give them feedback once they roll out the food!

In the next few weeks, you’ll be seeing more ads for Springfest. Our theme this year is Superheroes and the charity all of the money raised all of the money being raised for is BELIEF.

We are excited about the events that will be at this year’s Springfest which include a 5K fun-run, a climbing wall, a hypnotist, Mr. Whitworth competition and maybe even a car show. There will be bouncy things, petting puppies, and bike and skate rentals.

What else, you ask? A BBQ lunch, Frisbee tournament and t-shirts. Legitimately, everyone, this is going to be awesome. In order to participate in the booth events, tickets will be sold and all of the money will be going to BELIEF so come out and enjoy the day.

Saturday April 28 is the date, so put it on your calendars. The day before, April 27, will be other fun events leading up to Springfest (i.e., Dub Club in da HUB, etc), so come on out and celebrate the end of the school year.

Keep powering through your school year and the temptation to give in to the end-of-the-year slump. Go Bucs!

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