In the Chambers Feb. 22

by Melinda Leavitt

This last week in the Chambers was busy!

First of all, we were all stunned by a wonderful presentation from the builders of the HUB expansion. Pictures and boards are going to be put up around the HUB so that you can see what the new part of the building will look like.

Your jaws may hit the floor and everyone graduating will vow to make Meccaesque journeys back to campus in order to see it.

Parts of the dining will be moved around, a brick- oven pizza place will be in the new addition, and two levels of seating possibilities will make the dining hall even more spacious. Even the current dining hall and serving area will be given a tasteful face-lift (as opposed to a disastrous Botox job).

We also were presented with a requisition to help fund students traveling over to the west side of Washington for a leadership breakfast and weekend. Supporting and opposing arguments were heard and ultimately the measure settled for partial funding.

We want to spend your money wisely, so if you’re a club or group that would like to requisition for funding for awesome programs or events, please talk with Laura Cardle (lcardle12). She can give you the low down on how that process works.

I also would like to thank our guests who come to the meetings. We appreciate you coming and being interested. If anyone would like to come to our meeting, get free dinner, and see what we do, email Christine Whiteaker to get on the list. Just make sure you email her by noon on Wednesdays.

Also apply for an ASWU position for next year! Come color ASWU.

We have hired and elected positions in every area, so there is probably something that would be a perfect fit for who you are. Come check us out.

Until next week,

ASWU President

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