In the Chambers March 14

Melinda Leavitt
ASWU President

This week in our meeting we heard from Alan Jacob about the housing situation for next year. Looks like the housing lottery will be awesome and maybe not as stressful as last year’s … just maybe. Look for more information to be coming to you about the lottery in April!

We also heard an update on the Rec Center and some of the things they have changed since we made suggestions a few weeks ago about little modifications like mirrors along an end wall for potential Zumba classes. The building is going to be awesome!

We also heard from KISIMA club, formerly Blood:Water Mission and Hope for Kenya, ASL club, Association for Computer Machinery club and we chartered a new club!

The Women in Engineering Physics and Computer Science club will be providing the women in those majors a chance to connect and find support in pretty male-dominated fields. If you’re thinking about those majors or in them, get involved!

Lastly, I would like to personally thank everyone who came to the Honors Program Forum held this last Thursday.

I think the students showed the administration that they care about the program and the future of Whitworth.  My hope is that we as students continue to show our concern over the affairs at Whitworth and become even more proactive on addressing issues.

We in ASWU have been committed and continue to be committed to being that bridge between the administration and the student body. Let your Senator or anyone else in ASWU know what you’re thinking on any topic at Whitworth and we will do our best to pursue the issue.

Have a great week and enjoy Spring Break. We’re almost done!

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