In the Chambers May 2

by Melinda Leavitt

ASWU had their last official meeting this last week in the Chambers and it was packed. First of all, I want to say good job to the new ASWU executives because they ran their very first meeting as a team and did a fantastic job. Secondly, I just want to note and give props to the ASWU Assembly who did a fabulous job working hard and doing their jobs all the way until the end.

We had four speakers this week present or discuss some aspect of campus with us. The first speaker was Noelle Wiersma, the new dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. She spoke on what the changes in structure at Whitworth will mean and look like in the next year for the campus. Secondly, we had Dr. Kathy Storm come and ask for feedback on student representatives who sit on committees around the campus. The students gave great feedback on how the committees could be improved so that ASWU can better report the information to the rest of the student body.

Thirdly, Dr. Beck Taylor came in and spoke candidly about the direction of the institution and what great things are coming up. We always appreciate it when Taylor can come and make an appearance. He does love the students and this institution a great deal! Lastly, RD Matthew Baker came and spoke about some proposed changes to the CBS meetings that happen every year in the dorms. The changes sound sweet and hopefully the whole process will give students even more of a choice in their dorm communities. Look out for the changes!

After our speakers, ASWU passed a requisition to approve giving money to some of our exceptional athletic trainers to compete in National Quiz Bowl. Go Bucs!

As always, if you have any questions about the specifics of the minutes of our meetings, scan the QR code below and you’ll get to read them yourself. It’s a great way to be informed of what goes on in ASWU every week. Have a great week and keep at it. School is almost done and that sunshine will be here to stay!

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