Security services are provided to make campus safe

by Elodie Potier-Roudil

Whitworth students might be used to seeing security car rounds and Blue Light emergency poles that can call campus security or 911.

One can also see on the Whitworth website, under the section “safety and security,” that video surveillance cameras are installed in many locations around campus as a means of crime prevention and deterrence. Coverage areas include 360-degree views surrounding the Blue Light emergency poles. All those safety measures help the students to feel safe on campus.

“I never worry about my safety,” senior Daniel Scheibe said.

Moreover, campus security can be called at anytime. Students can ask a security officer to walk with them if they don’t want to walk alone at night on campus. Security can also be called if a suspicious person is seen walking around.

“One day during [the] night, a creepy guy was walking around McMillan,” sophomore Benjmin Olson said. “He was waiting for someone to go out or in because he didn’t have a card to open the door, he was around 35 or 40 years old, we called the security because he was too bizarre.”    

Despite such measures, theft has occurred on campus.

“I’ve had two pairs of sunglasses which were worth $400 in total, a pair of headphones and a scooter stolen,” Scheibe said. My roommate had her car stolen in our freshman year. That was really upsetting.”

To prevent theft, key tips are to keep an eye on your expensive possessions, take your wallet with you or lock up your stuff, Scheibe said.

Of course, not everyone is going to try to steal your things, but to help prevent it, there are a couple of measures you can take.

“Always lock your room door,” Olson said. “Make sure people use a good lock for their bikes. Always lock your car.”

A lost and found service is also available in the HUB.

In the event of something of a greater caliber happening on the Whitworth campus, the school’s website provides helpful videos to educate students on how to protect themselves.

Even at Whitworth, which has a record as a relatively safe college campus, unpredictable events can occur. The videos are a precautionary to prepare students for those types of predicaments.

“I’m not really afraid of it, though I know it happens,” Olson said.

All those measures keep Whitworth University safe and permit it to have a secure learning environment for everyone on campus. Regardless, Pirates, always keep an eye open.

Never forget the emergency phone number 911, and if you want to call 911 with a phone that is in your dorm, dial 3911.

To contact campus security call:

509.777.4444 or 509.777.3256

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