Should you break your lease? Off-campus housing overview

By Ruby Brady | Staff Writer

Neighborhoods house, Wednesday, May 1, 2024, Whitworth University in Spokane, Wash. | Caleb Flegel/The Whitworthian

The general rent for Washington is on a downward trend. According to Zillow, the median rate for four or more bedrooms in Spokane is $3,025. The average rent in Washington is $2,248, according to Rent.

Dividing the $3,025 among four roommates costs $756.25 per month. A two-bedroom apartment median rate is $1,400, according to Zillow. Dividing this between two roommates results in each paying $700 per month.

Christopher Strand, a sophomore at Whitworth, shares a double apartment with his roommate. He explained that it was better in terms of cost per square foot than living on campus. He also has his own room despite having to live with someone else.  His original rent price was $1,800, but when split between him and his roommate came down to $900 per month. There has now been a “$175 a month increase in the last year, which breaks down to a 19% increase,” said Strand, who currently pays $1,075 per month.

“The increase takes a noticeable chunk out of my budget for food and other necessities,” said Strand. “The school’s calculated increase for the cost of housing definitely didn’t align with my lived experience.”  

Compared to the median rate of Spokane’s two-person apartment, the apartment is $375 more. However, the location of the apartment also influences the cost. Looking at a map of houses for rent, the area surrounding Whitworth has high rent compared to places farther from Whitworth. The rates in the Whitworth area are expected to rise, but for Washington as a whole the rates are decreasing, according to Rent.

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