Sodexo to serve Sunday sundaes on a weeknight

by Courtney Woodgate

Sunday sundaes has been a long-standing tradition at Whitworth University. However, that changed at the beginning of this year when Sodexo decided to no longer serve sundaes on Sunday nights.
Sodexo will serve sundaes on a weekday night instead of the weekend.

“I’m disappointed that Sodexo no longer has Sunday sundaes,” sophomore Amanda Perisho said. “Last year, Sunday sundae was a big tradition for my friends and me.”

Jim O’Brien, Sodexo general manager, said he felt that moving Sunday sundaes to a different day would be better.

“There are more students to appreciate an ice cream sundae bar on a weekday,” O’Brien said.

Sodexo is known to get crowded, especially on weekend nights when there aren’t classes after dinner.

“Sunday nights are a problem because students can lounge around longer, then people get a sundae and it gets too crowded because people don’t get up and go,” O’Brien said.

He said he hopes that moving the sundaes to a weekday will allow for more room in the dining hall on weekends.

“It gets crazy on weekends; there is no place for people to sit,” O’Brien said. “On weekday nights that isn’t the case.”

Sodexo will still have a form of dessert on Sunday nights. The dining hall will feature fudge bars and ice cream sandwiches.

That allows students to grab their ice cream and leave with it.

It also will cost Sodexo more money since the company will have to buy more ice cream, as more students will be in the dining hall on the weeknight. The company will also have to supply all the ice cream sandwiches on Sunday nights.

Students will now get to have ice cream treats twice a week instead of just once.

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