Student Market allows students to share passions

By Madalyn Bookout, Staff Writer

On Oct. 19, ASWU hosted the second annual Student Market in the Whitworth loop to support student-run businesses and promote community.  

The market featured a diverse array of passions such as artistry, baking, thrifted clothing, live portraits and Mongolian calligraphy. 

“I think [the Student Market] is important because it’s a space where students can express their creativity and [where] other students can come support them,” said Grace Johnson, campus activities coordinator.  

Courtney Haupt, the business owner of Funky Findings, sold polymer clay jewelry at the student market. She has been operating her business for almost two years.  

“[The Student Market] is a good space for a bunch of students to show their skills, and… everyone’s things are so fun to look at,” said Haupt.  

Haupt said she has always loved fun earrings and decided “why not make a bunch of funky random earrings and incorporate the polymer clay into that too.” This led to the creation of Funky Findings.  

Haupt said her earrings are different because they are made up of “assorted objects, toys and trinkets and column red clay creations.” 

Some of her earrings display candy corn, fortune cookies, Christmas trees and flowers.   

Haupt said she finds earring ideas when she’s doing everyday things like grocery shopping. She sells off her Instagram page @Funkyfindingss.  

Leah Yand, the business owner of L Yand Art, sold art prints and provided a wall that students could paint on as part of her relational aesthetics project for her advanced studio practice class.  

Yand said she began selling her art prints this fall after she and her friend had a show called the Garage Sale.  

Yand enjoyed the student market because people came by and wanted to paint, the other vendors were nice and it promoted community. Her artwork can be found on her Instagram  

In the future, Johnson wants to organize a spring market since some students were unavailable to participate in the fall student market. She would love to see more student businesses and establish the fall and spring markets to occur annually.   

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