Theme House Trick-or-Treating Event

by Kelly Johnson

Ten theme houses will pass out candy for Halloween for the Theme House Trick-or-Treating Event.

This is the first year the event has been organized. Junior ASWU theme house representative Cherise Hensley said that the idea was brought up at a theme house meeting.

“So we have been collaborating and working together to make it a success,” Hensley said.

She said hopes the event will educate on-campus students about the theme houses and make them feel more welcome to visit on a regular basis. “Off-campus doesn’t mean anti-campus,” she said.

The trick-or-treating event will happen on Oct. 31 from 6 to 9 p.m.

Each of the ten theme houses involved will hand out candy to the participants, as well has have activities in the background going on which students can join in.

Students are encouraged to stop and visit and use the night as a chance to meet new people. Some theme houses will also offer hot drinks like cider and cookies on Monday night.

“We would love to have people come visit and see what it’s all about,” Hensley said. “This is a way to get the ball rolling.”

The process will be simple. All of the participating theme houses are within walking distance of campus and located on Hawthorne Road, Whitworth Drive or College Road. Students will knock on the theme house door and trick-or-treat, or stay longer and visit.

“It’s open to pretty much everyone. We would love to have professors and their kids come. We want to be a resource for the campus as a whole,” Hensley said.

She said the event will be rather low-key, and not involve anything crazy. Costumes are encouraged but not mandatory.

Hensley, who lives in the Cozy Cottage Theme House, said she lived on-campus in Ballard Hall the last two years but felt like she needed to try something new this year and get out of the dorms. She liked the dorms, but wanted to see what off-campus living was like.

“It’s really fun to live in a theme house,” she said. Hensley also said the theme house is quieter and she can get things done, as well as visit with friends who stop by. She said theme houses are not separate from campus.

There are theme house events happening every month. Hensley said that each house is responsible for hosting an event once a month. She said that her theme house had a “Breakfast for Dinner” night one time.

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