US global policing of Ukraine unnecessary

by Whitney Carter

The United States has commonly involved itself in the affairs of other nations, a strategy that has given us the reputation as the global police officer. We are currently facing this situation when it comes to the crisis facing Ukraine. This position as global police officer puts the United States in a place where its involvement has come to be expected in foreign affairs that it has no business being involved in.


The issue comes down to the European Union. Ukraine is interested in joining the European Union in order to gain economic help, while Russia, who is not a member of the European Union, does not want that to happen. This is because they need Ukraine as an ally economically. None of this affects us directly. It is a repeat of so many incidents in the past. We are entering into this diplomatic mess to challenge Russia, similar to our entry into Afghanistan.

Secretary of State John Kerry recently went to Ukraine and met with the current interim government. The previous Ukranian president has fled to Russia, to add complications to this already complex situation.

Kerry has pledged $1 billion in American loan guarantees to help Ukraine economically, which was announced on Feb. 4 during his visit to Kiev. The visit was a challenge to Russia and a way to further establish the interim Ukrainian government, according to an article from the New York Times.

The United States should not get involved in this issue. The problem is that we have set our nation up as the go to no matter where or when there is a crisis in the world. This is a noble effort and it is good when it comes to human rights issues and other issues that involve human life, such as natural disasters or civil wars.

This is not one of those noble efforts. It is an economic issue and there are nations with legitimate interests in this issue and we are not one of them. This has the opportunity to become another issue where we stick our heads in and get involved and it becomes clearer that it is none of our business.

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