Whitworth FM’s open mic night helps students engage their passion for music and comedy 

By Ruby Brady | Staff Writer

On May 2, at 5:30 pm, Whitworth.FM held an open mic night which filled the HUB MPR with music and comedy acts. With provided donuts and coffee, it was open to students who wanted to engage with Whitworth.FM, Whitworth’s student radio.

A range of acts were performed throughout the night. Tim Currigan, ’25, the general manager of Whitworth FM, said, “We weren’t 100% sure how many people were going to show up, if we spent way too much on, you know, coffee and doughnuts.”

Currigan performed Starting Over by Chris Stapleton during the night. Thanks to audience engagement, there was a lot of interaction with the performers. 

Throughout the night, Whitworth.FM explained their presence on campus and how they are run. Whitworth.FM is a one credit class that any student can take. To get credit, you have to do at least 24 hours of production throughout the semester. Students just need to sign up for COM-246.

To hear and engage with Whitworth FM, go to the website Whitworth.FM to find podcasts and listen to live radio shows performed by Whitworth students. These podcasts and radio shows happen throughout the week. 

To find more information on Whitworth.FM, please refer to their website Whitworth.FM.

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