Whitworthian Endorsements ASWU 2015

President: Naji Saker
Executive Vice President: Chase Weholt
Financial Vice President: Skyler Lamberd

President: Naji Saker

This board, though very torn on this difficult decision, endorses Naji Saker for ASWU president. For Saker, it seems as if the presidency is the culmination of his time at Whitworth. Although he has not had a position on ASWU before, as an RA for two years, he has demonstrated his leadership abilities within the Whitworth community. The other endorsements from this board have ASWU experience, and, if all three are elected, we think that it will be an effective team. Being an RA for two years and being a leader on the track team also show his ability to relate to, befriend and lead his peers, an important aspect of the presidential role. Saker also has a long list of connections at Whitworth and in the Spokane area, which is a great asset to bring to ASWU. Saker would be a face of needed diversity in ASWU and has the ability to represent the minority voices at Whitworth.

Although we have not endorsed Justin Botejue, after interviewing the candidates, this board thinks either of them would do a great job as president. They each bring a unique set of skills to the program that has the potential to impact the student body in a very positive way. Botejue has done an incredibly thorough job of making life better for his residents in Stewville and his range of experiences in and out of Whitworth leadership is impressive. We thoroughly applaud his consistent and tireless efforts to improve the quality of student life on campus.

Executive Vice President: Chase Weholt

This board endorses Chase Weholt for the position of executive vice president (EVP). Weholt has spent the past two years in leadership roles, first as senator, then as RA. He stated plainly that if he is elected, he will limit activities outside classes to the EVP position alone; this dedication convinced us of his passion and commitment to ASWU and to Whitworth. Weholt also has a wealth of experience in working on and in ASWU committees despite not having a position this year. This affirms that he is both qualified to serve as EVP and again, that he has dedicated a significant amount of time already to ASWU and to serving the student body.

Although this board has chosen not to endorse Savanna Jenkins, we do not doubt her passion or ability to relate to and connect with her colleagues in ASWU. She would serve Whitworth well in the position of executive vice president. However, the position of EVP is time-consuming; Jenkins will be taking a nearly full course-load and participating in many of Whitworth’s music programs, which might limit her from performing in her job as well as she would with a freer schedule.

Financial Vice President: Skyler Lamberd

This board endorses Skyler Lamberd for the position of financial vice president (FVP). As Duvall senator, Lamberd has experienced ASWU. He has also served on both the finance and the club chartering committees, which are directly headed by the FVP. Understanding how those committees are run and why they are needed is crucial for the FVP, and Lamberd is one step ahead by already having that knowledge. Being a math major will also be useful for Lamberd as he handles the ASWU budget.

Brett Pray, although we have not chosen to endorse him, would be an excellent FVP as well. Our main concern was that he has not had any leadership experience at Whitworth, although that is not for lack of trying, as he did apply to be an RA. Pray’s relational skills and his obvious desire to give back to Whitworth are assets. Pray’s economics background and familiarity with budgeting would be useful, but are not the most important part of the FVP’s job, and the position does not require an extensive financial background to be successful.

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