Letter from the editor on opinions

Karlin Andersen|Editor-in-Chief

The views and ideas expressed in the opinions section are held by the author and the author alone, as stated on page 2 of the paper and at TheWhitworthian.news under “about us.”
Those views do not necessarily reflect the views of The Whitworthian, its staff or its editors. Pieces published in this section are opinion pieces. Thus the pieces reflect the ideas, views or arguments of the author.

Opinions expressed in this section do not reflect the ideas held by Whitworth University, its administration, faculty or staff. The Whitworthian operations and publications are separate from Whitworth administration oversight and the paper prides itself on allowing free speech.

Letters to the Editor also are not endorsed by The Whitworthian — though those chosen for publication typically reflect the majority opinion expressed through comments and letters received by the editor-in-chief.

Opinion pieces are constructed, written and edited differently from articles in other sections. Opinion pieces have a distinct argument and inherent bias that is made clear to readers within the first paragraph.

Traditional news stories strive to be objective and share the story from all sides. Opinion pieces are sheer argument. They are meant to persuade in an unobjective manner that demonstrates to readers a clear cut point. Some are more successful than others.  However, opinion pieces should not be read or judged in the same way as a news story should be.

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