Letter to the editor: Elect third party, locally and nationally

Many people from our generation are unhappy with the two main presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and, unsurprisingly, many of us are planning on staying home this November. While I share the same resentment that many other millennials have toward the two main party candidates, there are still other ways that we can improve our lives and communities through the ballot.

The Spokane County Libertarian Party nominees, Randy McGlenn and James Apker, are running to represent Spokane in the Washington State House and Senate, respectively. McGlenn’s platform entails using budget planning “that aims to reduce waste while focusing on budget priorities, such as education” and Apker wants to promote vocational college fields that “will help place graduates into entry level jobs with less student loan debt.”

In a September Quinnipiac University poll among voters between 18 and 34 years old, Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson was at 29 percent, only two points behind front-runner Hillary Clinton. The libertarian message of lower taxes, fiscal conservatism, and social inclusiveness is resonating well with our generation. Voting for our local Libertarian Party candidates will help create a friendly economic environment for our generation and send a message that the future generation is adopting libertarian values.

Many thanks,

Haitham Al Mhana, ‘17