Behold everything around you, it’s the mission field

by Haley Williamson

Places such as Guatemala, Haiti and Mexico were my mission fields. I used to think a mission field was a third-world country where a different language is spoken and the streets are lined with poverty and destruction.

My definition of “the mission field” was changed this summer when I chose to take a job working at a Christian camp for three months instead of going out of the country.

That camp became my mission field. For some people, the mission field is here in the United States. It is great that these people realize that the U.S. needs just as much help as countries overseas. However, I do not think that the U.S. is “the mission field”. I also do not think it is third world countries, either.

The ground beneath our feet can be the mission field. Everywhere we go, every place we live, and every person we encounter is the mission field.

If we try to place a demographic on the term ‘mission field’, we leave out a large number of areas. Too many people sit in church and wait for that announcement offering them the chance to change the world and change lives. They may get on board with the idea and go overseas or stay in the country. Once that plane lands, or that van makes the final stop, they set their feet on the ground and they are in missionary mode. Because they are in a place that needs help or love, and because they deemed the journey a ‘mission trip’, they believe they can finally start serving as missionaries.

We need to stop trying to figure out what is considered a mission field or not, and live life knowing that we are constantly on the mission field.

Everyday, we encounter and pass by people who may not know the Lord, people who don’t understand Christianity or people that need to be shown love. If we don’t consider our everyday lives mission work, we risk letting people pass by without reaching out to them.

Your dorm, friends and family can be the mission field. Stop having the mindset that the mission field has to have a geographic location or a certain definition.

Start living your life knowing everyday, everywhere you go and every person you pass can be a part of the mission field.

Williamson is a sophomore majoring in journalism and mass communications. Comments can be sent to hwilliamson15@

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