Editorial: Diversity, for real this time

Whitworth administration needs to take a more prominent role in identifying diversity for the Whitworth culture. As a result of the Fall 2015 ASWU Constituent Survey, it has come to the attention of ASWU and this editorial board that students feel diversity is promoted excessively and has negative connotations. In addition, the survey also showcased student priority for ASWU to focus on diversity in 2016.
While it is the opinion of this editorial board that ASWU is not responsible for the feelings of these students, it is also the opinion of this editorial board that the Whitworth administration needs to step up and make clear to students what exactly they mean by “diversity.”

Whitworth administration has made a number of positive steps in the way of diversity since Beck Taylor’s inauguration, but the efforts seem to be relegated to race and ethnicity diversification as opposed to diversity in the larger context of religious diversity, nationality diversity, socioeconomic diversity and diversity of sexual orientation.

While we recognize administration takes no stance on sexual orientation and does not officially deny faculty, staff or student applicants of differing faith backgrounds, there is still a need to more readily include these groups in order to make Whitworth more fulfilling in its education of mind and heart.

It seems administration is prepared to implement diversity for the sake of diversity, but not for the sake of Whitworth.

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