Editorial: Improvements should be made to improve active shooter situation readiness

Whitworth recently conducted an active shooter drill on campus. The drill was meant to simulate the actions and procedures that would need to be taken by students, staff and faculty if an active shooter situation were to take place on campus. We conducted a survey for feedback on individual experiences and how people felt about their safety. Responses varied, but we believe that given the recent events around the country, these drills are important and should be taken seriously by students, faculty and the university administration.

We asked Whitworth students for specific suggestions on how the university could adequately prepare for a situation such as an active shooter on campus, while acknowledging that it is not possible to be fully prepared for a situation like this. We believe there are some changes that could be enacted to help students and professors be more prepared. It would be helpful for each student to have accessible information about what to do and where to go in these situations, based on your location. In the feedback we received, many respondents mentioned they were unaware where they should go or what actions they should take based on where they were.

Additionally, making facility updates to ensure doors actually lock, windows can be covered and that professors and students know how to lock the different types of doors would help ensure rooms are secure.

Debriefing faculty and staff on the proper procedures to follow for an active shooter situation would also be beneficial as they can then help students or other people on campus find a safe location.

We implore students, staff and faculty to take these drills seriously. It seems Whitworth is the last place that something like that could happen, but it is important to be ready.

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