Entertainment stories provide a needed relief from constant stream of negative news topics

by Remi Omodara

Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian are hardly newsworthy when we prioritize information. However, their stories are more important than we often admit. While it’s important for the public to be informed about relevant issues that have great impact on our lives, it’s also important to see that life isn’t all bad, which is what entertainment stories remind us. Reading articles about Miley Cyrus’ Grammy performance or being privy to potential names for Kim Kardashian’s baby evokes a sense of ease, even if it comes through ridiculing celebrities.

We are bombarded daily with information about death, wars and economic downturns. Many news viewers have a warped view of reality due to the consistent negativity that is presented. While the negativity is newsworthy because of its effects, there is a brighter, often more humorous, side to life that is often forgotten. Entertainment news fills the void in our lives that is often caused by all of the stress. Indulging in it is not only therapeutic, but provides a more holistic view of the world.

There is a common complaint that trustworthy media outlets devote time to entertainment news when bigger issues are taking place around the world. More important issues should take precedence as far as time and scheduling go, but it’s important to devote time to entertainment to curb thinking that the world is perpetually bad. Bad exists in the world, but it coexists with good.

Wise media consumption is important for being a well-rounded decision maker in society. However, some argue that our generation is the most misinformed in history. Millennials are detached from the world around them due to perpetual distrust of institutions and people, according to CNS News. The publication also emphasized that this could be due to exposure of endless cycles of negativity in the news, such as increased crime and scandal.

Perhaps the reason for our general disaffiliation stems from the fact that reality is simply hard to face at times. Not only do we face negativity in news consumption, we face it in our daily lives from multiple angles. Entertainment news allows us to temporarily escape day-to-day struggles and forget the gloomy cloud that hovers over reality. It hits home on the novelty aspect of news.

Celebrity gossip and other entertainment pieces may not be the most newsworthy items or be particularly relevant for many of us, but they remind us not to take life too seriously. Otherwise, we will lose sight of the enjoyable moments of life. They provide much-needed relaxation from  critical thinking and allow for a break from the consistent adverse situations we face.

It’s important to be educated about pertinent affairs, but a little entertainment news indulgence never hurt anyone. Be educated on the issues we are facing globally, but also take the time to obtain various type of news to form a well-rounded view of the world.

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