In the Loop: Feedback encouraged to keep student media accountable to readership

The Whitworthian is the independent, student-run newspaper of Whitworth University, serving the student body and Whitworth community. We work to stay informed of stories and events relating to the Whitworth community, and appreciate any constructive feedback — positive or negative — that we can receive.

We would like to remind the student body that we are part of the student body, and that we serve the Whitworth community. Thus, any form of direct, constructive communication is appreciated and helps student media stay in touch with readership.

At the end of each story, we attach contact information for the writer. We allot space every week, in every issue, for a letter to the editor.

We have heard indirect feedback via word of mouth from students on campus from time to time, yet we have only received one letter to the editor the entire year. We have rarely had a direct response to any of our articles, yet we have heard through the grapevine of complaints regarding stories.

We would like to amend our wrongs and explain our choices, but it is tough to do so if we are not held directly accountable.

We are students and, as student journalists, we make mistakes. We are taught journalistic integrity; we follow a code of ethics. We make our choices based on what we think is best at the time, but we are open and willing to discuss any opinion otherwise.

We work hard to be informed journalists and serve our readership. For example, we are working to have a Whitworthian mobile app available on three app markets for the 2014-15 school year. We have also redesigned our website, and have a goal to increase our web presence. These are attempts to make sure we are connecting with our readership. Whether it be these improvements or others, we can be better shaped to serve the readership if we are given feedback.

That is where you come in.

We believe accountability works both ways. We work for you, but it’s difficult to do so when we don’t get direct feedback from our readers. Take charge. Write us a letter. Let us know how to be your Whitworthian.

Editorials in the “In the Loop” section reflect the majority opinion of the Editorial Board, comprised of four editors. 

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