Lion’s Den

By: Daniel

Graphic by Ben Gallaway | The Whitworthian

“I knew his nose was big, but I didn’t realize he could shove an entire taquito in one nostril.”

Let me contextualize for a second here. We are in the upstairs of the library, sitting at one of the tables by the southern windows. The light peaking through the clouds makes the space feel homey and less oppressive. The chairs are lacking a bit of cushion, but we are managing.

A freshman, who was sitting at the table behind me in a group with her friends, randomly speaks up, most likely referring to a classmate.

I think we’ve all been here in the last week or so. Those with big noses are unrecognizable without that paper or cloth barrier.

We all notice the big noses when they finally come out from behind the curtain. So, what does that say about our society? Are we a society who only values the smallest and button-y-ist of noses? Is that a society worth upholding?

I say no. Let’s face our nose bias head on.

Let’s say yes to more nose representation.

Let’s say yes to big nostrils.

DISCLAIMER All persons and events in this column—even those based on real people—are entirely fictional. Any overheard names have been changed for the sake of humor. Any resemblance to other stories, people, plants, animals, places or events is purely coincidental. 

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