Lion’s Den

By: Daniel

Graphic by Ben Gallaway | The Whitworthian

Picture this: the year is 1965. You are a Whitworth student and you have no idea what trends are popular on campus.  

Enter The Lion’s Den, a column devoted to listening in on private conversations in public spaces for the purpose of getting you back “in the loop.”  

It’s 2022 now. We are back on campus. Life is returning back to pre-pandemic norms, but you don’t know how to enter back into Whitworth culture. What is a pinecone? Why do I care about its virginal status? We aren’t the pirates anymore? What does it all mean?  

Daniel is back to help answer all these big questions!

Overheard in Mind & Hearth: 

“It’s week three and it feels like week 17.” 

“You’re almost done though! The end is in sight!” 

“Yeah, just got to stay awake till then – you know what I mean.” 

“Just gotta stay awake…” 

You heard it here first: we need more coffee in the Mind & Hearth. 

DISCLAIMER All persons and events in this column—even those based on real people—are entirely fictional. Any overheard names have been changed for the sake of humor. Any resemblance to other stories, people, plants, animals, places or events is purely coincidental.  

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