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Whitworth friendship: Feel the magic

by Jonny Strain

I don’t know if you heard, but Whitworth relationships have a special quality, nay, MAGIC, that you will not find anywhere else in this world, and arguably, the universe. Are you reading this right now? Pay attention. Now stop reading. Look up, and look around. All around you are potential relationships that will last a lifetime. Do not miss this opportunity. It may be too late. Crap, it is too late. Wait! Maybe it’s not.

Conventional wisdom tells us that friendships are a product of time, purpose and intentionality. But things run a little differently at Whitworth. Once you step behind the Pinecone Curtain, there is automatically a spiritual dimension that allows you to forge lifetime bonds in a matter of hours. It is pretty much guaranteed that you will find your best friend within the first week of school, and if you don’t, you are probably doing something wrong. You have to believe in the magic!

Here are some things that can help, if you need some tips:

Have conversations about Jesus with people from your hall until 2 a.m. as often as possible.

Jump into pick-up frisbee games, wherever they might arise.

Go on spontaneous explorations of Spokane. Don’t plan, silly, just do it!


Go to dinner exclusively with that group of 5-6 people who you discovered are simply the coolest. Is that guy/girl who caught your eye during Traditiation in that group? Even better.

Find a church. Join a small group and start leading worship. Go on retreats while helping with Young Life and babysitting your new pastor’s kids.

Get to know that guy in your dorm who is outgoing, good looking, super funny and totally not using volume to make up for insecurity. You know who I’m talking about.

The general rule of thumb when it comes to kick-starting these relationships is to be spontaneous, outgoing and carefree. And leave room for Jesus. But don’t waste time, because you only have the first couple weeks to make it happen. There is nothing more special than finding that group of friends that will be with you through thick in thin these next four years. Get on it, and start experiencing the magic! Trust me.

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