Baumgartner, Women’s Soccer Prep For 2019 Season

by Nicole Oh | Staff Writer

While a new year school has just begun, fall sports are already in full swing. On Friday, August 30 the Whitworth women’s soccer team opened up their 2019-2020 season at home against Hamline University with a 1-0 win. The following week, the team had the opportunity to travel to California to play two competitive games against Cal Lutheran and Occidental. The Pirates lost 0-3 to Cal and 0-1 to Occidental. 

This year, the team welcomed 10 first-years.

“I have never seen a group that is so new become so close in such a short amount of time. Each and every one of our players cares so much about the twenty-three others,” Jadyn Baumgartner, a junior, said. 

A huge part that contributes to that is the coaching staff, she said: “they give so much time investing, loving, and challenging us.”

Saturday, September 21 marks the first conference play of the season. The Pirates will play against Pacific Lutheran in Parkland, and the following day they will face the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma. 

As these games approach, the main goal is to simply give one’s best effort and one’s best self on that given day. Baumgartner said that this is one goal the team has had since the beginning of preseason and something they will continue to have throughout the rest of the season. 

“If you are giving your best effort and giving your best self on any given day, then that’s all that can be asked for,” she said. “You can’t ask yourself to be something you aren’t or give something you don’t have.” 

This mindset, she said, encourages growth and excellence for players both on and off the field. 

Looking further ahead beginning the 12th of October through the 23rd the Pirates have a series of home games and that is one thing Baumgartner is personally looking forward to. 

“I’m excited to see all the students, staff and families that come out to support us,” she said. 

The next women’s soccer game is on Saturday September 21st at Linfield in McMinnville, Oregon. The Bucs will face off against Linfield University.