Pirate Mania celebrated fall and winter athletes

By Carmel Ludeman | Staff Writer

Patches the University Mascot at Piratemainia which took place at the Field house in Whitworth University on the 14th of November

Pirate Mania highlighted Whitworth’s fall and winter athletes on Nov. 14.

Nine teams were represented

The event was organized by ASWU.

“We want to support the athletes they do amazing, and sometimes they don’t get enough hype…so this event is to help hype them up,” Larkin Dean, traditional events coordinator, said.

The event started with Whitworth’s cheer team doing a beautiful routine.

Then into a dance-off routine between four members of the basketball team, six members of the football team and several members of the cross-country team. After lots of laughs and loud cheers, the football team won the competition.

Cheerleaders did another routine, leaving the floor to student-athletes to have fun in another friendly competition.

A current Whitworth student and football player participated in the relay race.

“I think it’s awesome to support one another and get together in a different environment and have fun,” Silas Say said.

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