Track and field participates in “Crimson vs. Black” competition

by Meghan Dellinger

The Whitworth track and field team competed against one another in a friendly competition on Friday Feb. 24, to prepare for the outdoor track season.

The entire track and field team was divided up into two separate teams: crimson versus black. The teams then competed against each other.

“Coach Toby split us into two athletically-even teams. As a team, we did all our events plus a couple others, [but] everyone was cheering for each other,” freshman Joe Green, a pole vaulter, said.

Head coach Toby Schwarz said the entire team has a lot of talent this year and he said he hopes they do well in competition.

“[This competition] is an opportunity to have a meet kind of situation before [competitive] meets,”  Schwarz said. “It was good competition. We made it through without any injuries.”

Schwarz said the team practices all week, with the runners getting Thursdays off and the throwers getting Fridays off. Thus far they have practiced indoors, but now that the weather is nicer the team will start practicing outside more. They will typically compete on Saturdays.

However, Schwarz said even though the athletes are practicing so much, he still encourages a balance of academics and athletics. He requires the athletes to study on the bus for a few hours during trips to other schools, and keeps an eye on the athletes’ grade point averages in the fall to make sure they are keeping up with their studies.

“[A] priority for us is that we have a strong academic side,” Schwarz said. “[We] balance it out.”

When asked how he balances school and competing in a sport, Green said, “Very carefully. It takes a lot of effort, a lot of energy.

The Pirates will compete in their first outdoor meet this season next weekend on Mar. 3.

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