Whitworth Pirates played their final football game of the season

By Carmel Ludeman, Staff Writer

Members of the Whitworth football team run onto the field before an NCAA football game at Whitworth University against Linfield University, Saturday, Oct. 8, 2022, in Spokane, Wash. | Caleb Flegel/The Whitworthian

On Sat. Nov 12, the Whitworth Pirates football team lost their last game of the season to the George Fox Bruins.  

In the first quarter, both teams fought hard to keep control of the ball. The game started with Whitworth punted the ball to Bruins player number 28, Willian Moffit. Moffit fumbled the football at the 24-yard line, giving it back to Whitworth. Quarterback Jaedyn Prewitt then completed a pass to Whitworth Pirate Riley Morrison for a gain of ten yards. In their next play, Whitworth gained 10 yards. Directly after this play, however, George Fox gained the position of the ball, taking two yards. With three minutes on the clock, the Bruins were in the red zone: two yards away from scoring.  

Before George Fox’s quarterback could score, Whitworth players Derrick Platt and Patrick Serrano tackled him, leaving the score 0-0 at the end of the first quarter. 

The Bruins started the second quarter in control of the ball and gained two yards in the first two minutes. Then they scored the first touchdown of the game, Jason Santoni from George Fox drove the ball home by making a 20-yard field goal, moving the score to 0-7.

Whitworth then lost the ball through a fumble, in which George Fox took advantage of the mistake and gained 10 more yards. This led to the second touchdown and field goal of the game, making the score 0-14.  

Whitworth’s JT Munoz then ran the ball for a gain of 15 yards. However, an incomplete pass by Whitworth’s quarterback resulted in a 10-yard penalty. George Fox then regained control of the ball until they fumbled it.  

With the Pirates in control of the ball, Prewitt passed the ball to Kyle Gran, number 21, for a 20-yard gain. Whitworth got in the red zone and scored their first touchdown of the game, raising the score to 7-14 for the rest of the second quarter.  

At the start of the third quarter, George Fox fumbled the ball back to the Pirates. Prewitt completed the pass to Jarvis Natividad, player 7, who gained five yards. Whitworth then called its first time out.  

After the timeout, Whitworth made it into the red zone but did not score a touchdown. Then George Fox took the ball and gained about 20 yards. However, there was a five-yard penalty, and control of the ball reverted to Whitworth. Natividad completed a pass from Prewitt, gaining 25 yards for Whitworth. The next play resulted in an incomplete pass and the ball turned over to the  Bruins. 

Towards the end of the third quarter, George Fox made their third touchdown and field goal of the game, raising the score to 7-21.

At the start of the fourth quarter, Whitworth’s Carson Tucker, player 85, kept George Fox’s players from touching the Whitworth quarterback. Tucker then scored and Whitworth made the field goal, bumping the score up to 14-21.  With 1:11 left, George Fox took their fourth touchdown and field goal, leaving the score 14-28.  

The Pirates then slowly moved up the field until they made it to the red zone. However, a series of incomplete passes and out-of-bounds throws saw the ball return to George Fox. The Bruins then ran out the clock for a final score of 14-28. 

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