Women break free from men in power

By Aleja LeVert | Staff Writer Throughout history, women have been taught to keep quiet, dress pretty and follow the lead of men. The power…

The defense for radical feminism

As the war for gender equality rages on, it is important to reflect on the progress we have made and how much farther we have to go.

Sexism still exists and it still hurts

In a conversation I had with a male student at Whitworth, I was shocked to find they believed the feminist movement was no longer necessary since gender equality had been achieved.

No, it’s not a scary time for men

Statistically, our justice system has a tendency to believe men who deny rape or sexual assault allegations — even when we shouldn’t.

Whitworth should be providing basic feminine hygiene products

So, not only are female students and staff being charged more than twice as much as grocery store prices (for a lesser product) in the event that they need a tampon while on campus, they may also have to search several buildings on campus before finding one.

Dead feminists in living color

by Jordan Coleman | Staff Writer The Bryan Oliver art gallery contains a new exhibit that opened on Feb. 6 called “Re-Sisters: Books and Broadsides…

Why we need the Women’s March

by Abby Nye The first Women’s March was held on Jan. 21, 2016. The march was organized in response to President Trump’s inauguration. The march…

Feminism is a right, not an attack

by Abby Nye In 1837, French socialist Charles Fourier coined the term “feminisme,” or “feminism” in English. Fourier defined “feminism” as the advocating for the…