COP26: All words and no actions?

By: Emma Maple, staff writer Floods. Droughts. Hunger. Tornados. Melting icecaps. Rising oceans.   All symptoms of global warming. All things that will only get worse…

Club charter: Poor People’s Campaign

“The Poor People’s Campaign,” said Mowery, “is a national organization that’s working to address what MLK, and then contemporaries, have identified as the four great systemic evils of America, which are poverty, militarism, racism and ecological devastation.”

Kavanaugh Review

Partisan and party politics have become so entrenched in our government that it no longer functions the way it was meant to. Instead of a Supreme Court confirmation process free of party biases, we have Senators on both sides acting like petulant children.

We Believe, We Vote doesn’t make sense

As the midterm elections are approaching for the region, it is important to consider many of the different perspectives the candidates are bringing to light through their campaigns. We Believe We Vote is a recently-founded organization that claims a non-partisan, Biblically-founded evaluation of candidates running for political offices in the greater Spokane area.