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Presidential Candidate: Molly Hough

Major: Speech Communication

Minors:  Theology and leadership studies

Year: Junior

Editorial board: What is your class load like for next year and what will your other responsibilities be?

Molly Hough: I got most of my credits out of the way earlier which was probably a good idea. I’ll be taking 13 credits each semester. As far as other commitments go I’m the director of BELIEF on campus.

EB: Why are you running for this ASWU position and what are your strengths and weaknesses in relation to the position?

MH: I see that there is a lot of opportunity for growth for ASWU. I have attended meetings ever since I decided to run for the position. It’s an interesting world and I like things that challenge me. As far as strengths and weaknesses go, I am a passionate person. I’m passionate and not passive about issues that matter. I’m very comfortable around different people. I really enjoy those relationship with students, faculty and staff. I’m not the most detail-oriented person so I have to pay attention to detail. I very much have a visionary personality and am a forward thinker. That also helps me come into a program like ASWU and see growth.

EB: What do you think is the greatest need of the student body? How do you propose we meet that need?

MH: I think a big thing on campus is opening student’s eyes to issues on campus that matter. Whether or not students see a need or not. There’s a huge place for growth for freshman here on campus. Freshmen can be leaders in really cool ways and I think my job next year will be creating leaders. One way to do this is by showing them how they can get involved and what they can be doing. Just because you are not labeled as a leader doesn’t mean you don’t have value as a leader. I very much believe in Relational 101. Even by my leadership and leading by example and how I live my life is one way to do that. If they’re seeing that, then hopefully they’ll start getting that. Another way is to partner with other groups on campus – Student life, admissions, clubs, the presidents office. Showing how ASWU can be transparent and leading through humility. If we partner with other groups on campus, hopefully there will be a trickle-down effect.

EB: What are your feelings about transparency in ASWU?

MH: To be 100 percent honest, I don’t think it’s all the way there. I think it’s an ASWU responsibility and a student responsibility as well. I think students don’t know they can have access and go to ASWU and be involved on campus about issues that affect them. The challenge will be to get students to know that. It’s about giving the responsibility to the students to get involved and make it so they can know that 100 percent. I think one of the ways we can do this is through social media. Even if it’s a 2-minute clip that is saying this is what’s going on, what we’re doing and we want to invite you in. I think that would be a great way to do that. Even with the Whitworthian — partnering with you guys. As much as I can be vulnerable and open with people in day-to-day conversation and how that we’re trying to be honest with them.

EB: Have you looked over the ASWU constitution and bylaws? How familiar are you with them?

MH: I read over them – not that many times. It’s definitely something that I have opportunity for growth on.

EB: What is the relationship between ASWU and the Whitworthian?

MH: I don’t know a whole lot about the relationship with ASWU. If that’s an area were we could partner together, that would be great. It can be as simple as someone from the Whitworthian going to the meetings once a week. If you’re reading minutes and have questions meet with me. I think you guys evoke thought and that’s the point. My plan of action would be to go to that writer and figure out a way to create conversation. It’s a good thing to evoke thought. That’s something that’s really cool about whitworth – we are inviting people into conversation. You guys are helping people do that. If it causes a student to feel uncomfortable then allow that to happen. Allow them to grow from that.

EB: The position of president has been acknowledged as one of the most criticized positions on campus. How will you deal with this?

MH: That’s one of the big reasons why I want to be in this position. I don’t want it for the title or power, I think for president there needs to be someone in there that’s very strong and thick-skinned. I think I do have thick skin,  I can’t please everyone and that’s just reality. If it’s criticized I’m going to do my absolute best. I’m very much a person of action and I think I would take it as  it comes and try to invite that person in. there are probably decisions that I will make that not everyone will like. I think in this position you have to take some hits.

EB: Why should we vote for you rather than your opponent?

MH: I’m someone who is passionate and not passive. I’m not silent about issues that matter. I’m not someone who whould back down when being challenged. I’m not in it for the title and I think that’s been an issue in the past. I really want to lead out of a position of humility. If I were to get this position it’s not about me, its about the students and a university is about the students. I want to empower other students and make students realize their power and potential and I think that’s something I can do. I know when to be silent and when its my turn to be silent but I know 100 percent when it’s my turn to speak up. I want people to reach their potential. I want people to feel valued and heard. Making sure I’m someone who is consistent and loving on people the best way I know I can. If I can do that really really well, then they will be able to do that really really well.

EB: Is there anything else we need to know about you to make this decision?

MH: I will never stop fighting. Ever. I think that sometimes people look at me and say I’m working too hard or being too committed and sometimes I absolutely need that. I’m not someone who will ever back down. I just won’t stop because I think the Lord is just really good to me and I want to show that to other people — Christian or not. [With BELIEF] I have a great group of people doing it and I won’t have to take care of it like I’ve had to. It’s been me pouring into other people and showing them how to run it. That way I can say “this is my priority right now” [ in reference to President] and I have complete confidence in the ability of my team. I’m not the one anymore that’s in the schools. I’m letting them do that now.

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