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Jon Huntsman offers practical solutions

Be a part of the solution! This is the call to action by the modern-day Ronald Reagan, Jon Huntsman. He has a multifaceted plan to revive the economy for a better tomorrow.

The 51-year-old, motorcycle-riding, savvy businessman is the former governor of Utah. He dropped out of high school and later obtained his GED. Years later, he found himself as an ambassador to China and now is described as a breath of fresh air for the Republican nomination process.

The Wall Street Journal has labeled his economic plan the most “pro-growth proposal ever offered by a U.S. presidential candidate.” His plan for economic restoration is comprised mainly of tax reform and energy independence.

According to, Huntsman believes in a simplified version of the tax system. Tax rates would be broken into 8 percent, 14 percent and 23 percent and loopholes would be eliminated.

Those numbers are significantly lower than they have been in the past, which would lift a burden from some taxpayers’ backs.

Some may argue that lower taxes means the government will obtain lower revenue. It is true that the government will not collect as much in taxes under Huntsman’s plan.

However, lower taxes produce an incentive to spend and risk. That means there would possibly be businesses created, which in turn would create more jobs. If you look at the big picture, that could enrich citizens in the long run.

That aspect of Huntsman’s plan has the average Joe in mind, and concentrates on helping the people.

Huntsman also stresses the idea of energy independence. He reminds America that years ago, Eisenhower warned against importation of more than 20 percent of oil. According to, today, America is importing around 60 percent of the oil that is used here at a cost of $300 billion.

The former Chinese ambassador would say that threatens our economic security. A majority of past recessions were preceded by sharp spikes in the price of oil.

“To free ourselves from [the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Country’s] grasp, we must end our heroin-like addiction to oil,” the candidate said.

His idea is to develop oil and gas reserves in North America. He said he believes drilling can be safely carried out domestically in places like the Gulf and in Alaska. We must also find a way to establish efficient, environmentally-sound energy projects.

Huntsman said he believes America is lagging when it comes to energy competition and if we don’t do something about it, we will allow other countries to dictate our energy future. America will be at the mercy of other countries and lose its upper hand in certain affairs.

That is all part of Huntsman’s plan for economic restoration. He said he believes the different facets in the plan put together can bring about the change that America needs.

Huntsman also has positions on gun control, abortion and the legalization of marijuana. However, most would argue that the economy is the largest issue at hand.

“With a last name like Huntsman, do I have a choice?” Huntsman asked, when confronted with the question of gun control. He said he believes citizens should have the right to transport and store firearms regardless of whether they have a concealed carry permit.

That aspect of his beliefs is bound to raise controversy among those who worry about safety when people can have a gun with limited restrictions. However, gun possession is also a form of safety if used properly.

The former Utah governor is also pro-life. He said he believes life begins at conception and advocates carrying out each pregnancy that is started.

Some may think that is hard to say because there are instances of rape, etc., that can drastically change someone’s life, and abortion may be the way out.

However, putting everything into perspective and realizing that there is a “life” at hand can make one see his point of view more clearly.

Finally, Huntsman said he believes the issue of marijuana legalization should be up to the states. That would make it a lot more simple and let’s face it, America has bigger fish to fry.

With Huntsman nowhere near the top of the polls, some say there is not a prayer that could make him the nominee. However, Huntsman has faith. “It’s still preseason,” he said.

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Jon Huntsman offers practical solutions