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Snag yourself a date in the season of love

So it’s that time of year again: Valentine’s day. A day full of red, pink and sappy love letters and bitter singles. All around campus singles have been saying “I hate Valentine’s day!” or “It’s just a holiday invented by card companies to make money.” Singles, do not be bitter! There is hope! Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourself for everything you need to know about attracting someone of the opposite sex.

Let’s start off with advice for the guys. Let’s start with the first date. The first date is incredibly important since first impressions stick in a girl’s mind. To begin, the way you stand is counts for 80 percent of a woman’s first impression so stand up straight. It shows that you are more confident, and confidence, not to be confused with cockiness, is attractive. Also, based on a Chicago University study, wearing blue on a first day can attract women.

Here are the top five turnoffs for women according to an online eHarmony survey. Keep these tips in mind for that first date:

1. Raggedy nails: Be a man and get a manicure.
2. Farting and burping: For the sake of the first few dates, hold it back.
3. Body odor: Take a shower, wear deodorant, and spray on some cologne.
4. Bad breath: Bad breath does not only make the girl want you to stop breathing, it also destroys any hope of getting a kiss. Brush your teeth.
5. Hairy nostrils: If you have a massive amount of hair, try investing in a man-scaping kit.

Now that I have pretty much made you self conscious, here are some tips about deciphering whether or not a girl is into you. Here are the top five signs that a girl might be into you based off of what women said on eHarmony:

1. She will smile at your jokes: Even if you aren’t funny, a girl with smile at your jokes just because she likes your smile.
2. She will play with her hair: If you see her playing with her hair, comment on how nice it looks.
3. She will fidget with something:This is a good thing. If she’s nervous then she is worried about whether or not you’ll like her.
4. She will blush when you compliment her: If you see her blush, congratulations! She thinks you’re genuine.
5. She will lean toward you: Whatever you do, do not lean away from her. If you do, it will seem like you don’t like her.

Lastly, be confident. Don’t be scared to make the first move. A lot of girls like a man who isn’t scared to ask her out.

Alright, on to the ladies. Initially getting a guy’s attention can be tough. It is even tougher to get him to somehow approach you. Know that being in a loud group of girls can get the guy to look your way, but the guy will not come up to the group to talk to you. Guys are put off by loud groups of girls. If you are looking for a man, make yourself available to him. Break away from your group momentarily to give him the opportunity to introduce himself to you.

Also, don’t over do it with the clothes and makeup. Guys prefer girls who look presentable rather than ones who look “sexy.” Average looking girls are actually more likely to be asked out because they don’t seem out of the guy’s league. I’m not saying be a plain Jane, just don’t go overboard. Have the appearance of the type of girl that a guy would want to introduce to his parents.

Don’t be a desperate dater. This means give your man some space. Guys don’t like a clingy girl. Let him hang out with his friends without making him feel guilty. Besides, you need some time to hang out with your friends, too. Also, avoid fishing for compliments. If you fish for them, they’re not going to seem as sincere which will only lower your self esteem. An occasional really sweet compliment will make you happier than ones that are forced out on a daily basis.

Most importantly, do not settle for someone who isn’t what you’re looking for or who does not treat you right. Respecting yourself is more important than having a boyfriend. Do not be with someone you don’t really have feelings for and definitely don’t be in a relationship with verbal or physical abuse. One more thing, never talk about an ex boyfriend.

So don’t be bitter around this time of the year if you’re single. Based on a census report, 70 percent of Washington is single, so there are plenty of people in your situation. That also means that there’s plenty left to choose from.

Barnes is a freshman majoring in English and French. Comments can be sent to [email protected].

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Snag yourself a date in the season of love