Activist Ingrid Gonzalez screens “Dolores”

A showing of “Dolores”, a documentary following the story of Caesar Chavez’s unknown partner Dolores Huerta, took place in at Whitworth in Weyerhaeuser Hall on Oct. 3rd.

The 2017 documentary discussed controversial topics such as sexism and racism using the story of Dolores Huerta, the co-founder of the United Farm Workers Association, the first American labor union for farmers.

While evaluating the union as a whole, “Dolores” focuses on the lack of recognition Huerta received for her part in the unionization of American farmers. The film also looked at subjects including systemic sexism and racism for her treatment during and after the movement.

The organizer of the documentary showing, Dr. Julia Stronks, talked about the main themes of the film with activist Ingrid Gonzalez following the showing.

Stronks discussed what viewers should take from “Dolores”, speaking on topics such as intersectionality and “what works in terms of social activism”.

Ingrid Gonzales, Guatemalan immigrant and social activist, spoke on behalf of her own experiences with immigration and activism.

“Labeling yourself activist, or anything, it compartmentalizes you,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales and Dr. Stronks also spoke about why she believed Huerta was not given as much credit for her work as Caesar Chavez.

“They were more focused on the way she decided to live her life,” Gonzales said, “History has done her a disservice. A big one”.

“We know [Chavez] and we don’t know her. Same story” Stronks said.

While the documentary showing has already passed, “Dolores” can be viewed on Youtube or at