Boppell Coffeehouse

by Jeremy Randrup | Staff Writer

The Multipurpose Room smelled of coffee grounds and emanated melodies of an acoustic guitar during Boppell Coffeehouse on Friday, Nov. 30. Students socialized while drinking coffee and listening to live music on the main stage. The event, put on by the Boppell leadership team, gave students a break from academic work and a chance to support their peers that played on stage, one of them being senior Sean McGrath.

“I had quite a few friends that came to see me play. Whitworth students are very accepting of local talent as far as music goes,” McGrath said. “Coffee on a Friday night also helped bring people in.”

McGrath was the opener for the event, which featured many different artists that were all local to Whitworth.

“We get to employ some really talented Whitworth musicians, which is great. I think our selection this year is just wonderful. They’re all super amazing and talented.” said Sarah Haman, Boppell senator. “It was great being able to shape the style of the event through the musicians that we have.”

At the event, students were given free coffee, which they could customize with various flavors and syrups.

“I mean, who doesn’t like free coffee, right?” Freshman Rodney Ocfemia said. “I think this is a great event, especially after a long week near the end of the semester.”

Ocfemia, a bass player for the Whitworth Jazz Ensemble, expressed interest in possibly playing at an event like the Boppell Coffeehouse in the future.

“It’s just a cool, casual place where everyone can unwind. That’s a vibe I really dig,” he said.

After a night of coffee and music, Boppell Coffeehouse marked the nearing end of the Fall semester.