14 ways to celebrate this Valentine’s Day in Spokane:

by Izzy Broussard | Staff Writer

  1. Head to the Garland movie theatre to watch “Pretty in Pink.”

  2. Spice things up with some salsa dancing at Satori Dance Studio.

  3. Keep it local and head to the Back-40 for stargazing.
  4. Visit the Gaiser Conservatory at Manito Park to see some beautiful flowers.

  5. If you are over 21, go to Big Barn Brewing Company for delicious cider!

  6. The Inland Northwest Ale Trail could be the perfect adventure for the evening.

  7. Make your heart sing with a Bartlett concert!

  8. Throw-it-back to freshman year for a Gooey at Dockside in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

  9. Chocolate Apothecary and Coffee House has your sweet tooth covered.

  10. The Riverfront Park Ice Ribbon is the perfect excuse to hold hands.

  11. Go to the Goodwill and find the most over-the-top outfit for your evening plans. Even better if you can pick-out an outfit for someone else.

  12. A moonlight bridge walk in downtown Spokane.

  13. Throw a Gal-entine’s or Bro-entine’s day party.

  14. Romantic movie marathon with homemade pizza.

Whether you are single or dating someone this Valentine’s Day, remember to take some time to celebrate all the love in your life!