English club to host off-campus reading

by Stuart Hopson

Westminster Round is putting on its first ever off-campus reading downtown at the Holley Mason Rocket Bakery Friday.

This reading will consist of poetry and prose and is open to alumni, faculty and students alike, said senior Ana Quiring, vice president of Westminster Round English club.

English Professors including Thom Caraway, Fred Johnson and Nicole Sheets will be joined by students such as senior Matt Comi and Quiring in headlining this event.

“We wanted to shake it up a bit,” Quiring said. “We’ve had a lot of readings in the past and most of them have been very poetry-oriented and most of them have been on campus.”

Westminster Round has regularly had on-campus readings, such as the Bad Love Poetry, which took place on Valentine’s Day. Poetry and Pie is another annual reading put on by the club each year around Thanksgiving.

“It’s a chance to do readings how readings are typically done,” Friesen said.

The main difference between those readings and the off-campus readings is both fiction and non-fiction prose will be read at the upcoming off-campus event.

Westminster Round leadership wanted to get people into a new environment since the weather has made Whitworth a gloomy place as of late, Friesen said.

“We wanted people to have a new and exciting venue to read together,” Quiring said.

For those who may be without a personal vehicle, a carpool will be provided from Westminster Hall parking lot at 6:20 – 6:30 p.m. Those interested in the carpool can contact Friesen.

All are invited to participate in the event. Those interested can contact Friesen. In the interest of brevity and time, the limitations are two poems or two pages of prose.

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