Editorial: IN THE LOOP Sexual orientation non-discrimination policy resolution should be passed

The editorial board believes ASWU should pass the resolution calling for sexual orientation to be added to the list of protected identities in the staff and faculty handbook.ASWU took careful measures to make sure the resolution would be in the best interest of the students. After months of trying to educate students on the issue, ASWU conducted two surveys: one statistically-sound random sampling survey in the dorms, and one online poll available to all students. From the random sampling, ASWU is 95 percent confident that between 66.79 percent and 79.32 percent of the student body favors the resolution passing, according to Martha Gady.
For faculty and staff to be able to be honest with their co-workers and students without having to worry about discrimination or even termination of employment, would constitute a healthy living environment of which members of the Whitworth community are not currently apart.

ASWU Survey

The addition of this policy would support the Whitworth mission, regardless of theological opinion. We do those things chiefly by loving our neighbor and providing a place to be accepted, regardless of identity.

As big a problem as the lack of implementation of any such resolution up to this point is, the fact that any enactment of this resolution will likely not take place until almost three years from now remains a cause of disbelief on the part of this editorial board.

Aside from our position on the issue, a two-thirds majority of the student body says it should pass. Since it is supposed to be representative of the student body, ASWU has a responsibility to pass this resolution.

The resolution depends on the vote of the 15 voting members in ASWU and if passed, will be taken to the Board of Trustees in April. The vote will take place at tonight’s (March 18) meeting starting at 5 p.m. It is open to the public. We hope ASWU will pass this resolution and modernize a set of policies outdated and alienating to a valuable population of existing community members.

Editorials in the “In the Loop” section reflect the majority opinion of the Editorial Board, comprised of five editors.

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