In the Loop: StewVille dance should transition to freshman-only event

The StewVille Mystery Mix made steps in the right direction toward improving the experience and reputation of the Stewart Lawn Dance. However, taking the modifications further by restricting the dance to only freshmen in future years would be beneficial to students, easier for security and favorable for StewVille’s reputation.

An all-campus dance seems like a fun and exciting way for freshman to connect with returning students. However, most of the attendees are freshman.

Even if all grades were represented evenly, dances are much more fun and energetic than they are social. This approach to integrate freshman with the upperclassman may not be effective. Having an all-freshman dance would also be an appropriate climax to the freshman orientation events that precede it.

This year, the location was moved to a closed-in space and security checked identification before allowing students to enter. The changes were meant to address the safety issues and non-Whitworth students attending, which were both particularly problematic last year.

While these changes were successful and managed well, they would hardly be necessary if only freshmen attended. The dance seemed geared toward freshmen this year anyway, based on the marketing of the Mystery Mix, which involved clues given in the orientation packet and during orientation at freshmen-only events.

Making this change would allow the traditional dance to continue, but would also allow for an improvement in safety by keeping non-Whitworth students or unscrupulous upperclassmen from taking advantage of freshmen. It would also provide a way for freshmen to be integrated into university life more effectively.

Last year’s events significantly damaged the reputation of the Stewart Lawn Dance. Reputations and trust are not easy to get back. If the event were to be renovated completely, by making it an all-freshman event, it could repair the identity of the dance.

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