Letter to the Editor: Men should take an active role in domestic violence prevention

To the Editor:

Domestic violence presents a call-to-action for all good men to righteously oppose it. For the cause of safer communities, healthier relationships and better lives let us encourage all men to improve their healthcare and conflict resolution skills to become a new generation of healthy community curators.

A man who treats himself kindly will be better equipped to manage the many conflicts of his life. Failure for men to connect to his community, in a meaningful and healthy way, results in a string of unpleasant emotions. An unhappy, restless and underutilized man becomes a community problem when his private self-destructive behaviors seep into the domestic sphere. This is not just about rape, assault, abuse, ignorance and rage, but preventing violence by working on how men manage their personal health.

Self-care skills alone cannot stop domestic violence. It requires a penetration into the vernacular of masculinity so that words of anti-violence become more pervasive than words of violence. #DickLossPrevention is a satirical online forum to act in fierce opposition to reckless male behavior. By satirizing the crude language of a macho philosophy we can steal back the power of intimidating, guttural and ferocious language that is used to enforce violence.

As the school year begins it is important to remind all students to be mindful of their mental and physical health. There are numerous health resources in your area. Schools and universities are simply one of the best places to find your personal power and your voice. Use it. Stop domestic violence.

Ryan Levis


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