Letter to the Editor: More diversity needed in Core 350

Whitworth Community,

Last semester, I studied in the Czech Republic, where I was provided with literature by a variety of authors, with different backgrounds and perspectives. I felt as though my knowledge of other cultures, worldviews and opinions grew tremendously as I was forced to read from a perspective I had not considered before, or defend my views against an opinion I had not faced before.

As I head back to Whitworth for my final year, I am faced once again with learning from a single, biased perspective. This surfaced after receiving my Core 350 reading packet. I flipped through it and realized that not one passage was written by a woman. It is primarily written by white Christian men (who I assume to be straight and cisgender). For me, a bisexual white woman, to feel frustration and exhaustion about this, must be nothing compared to students who are, for example, hispanic, black, atheist, transgender or gay, and are learning from professors and authors who are nothing like them. This problem is not isolated to Core 350; it is just one of the many Whitworth courses that lack diversity.

I ask that professors be thoughtful when deciding what literature to use, and be proactive in assuring that Whitworth provides students with a well-rounded, its diverse and challenging education. This can only occur if perspectives of all kinds are examined, leading students to form a worldview that comes from critical thinking, rather than acceptance of a “norm.”

Megan Hinzdel

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