My Two Cents

By Andrew Gjefle

Whitworth is a school that prides itself on its consciousness of and open attitude toward diver­sity issues, encouraging students to interact with people of different backgrounds than those in which they themselves grew up. This is great of course, but unfortunately it does not seem to play out in the course of day-to-day interactions.

I’m not saying students are in­sensitive by any means; in fact, Whitworth’s student body is one of the most understanding, re­spectful groups of people I’ve ever seen. The problem is that between friend groups, polarization is ram­pant.

This isn’t even a racial is­sue; sports players eat together, academic types gather for study groups, video gamers hang out together in their rooms, beauti­ful people flock around looking beautiful … heck, even between dorms people hardly ever hang out. And that’s a shame. I can only think how boring that must be.

I know it’s natural to be drawn to people with similar interests, backgrounds and ideologies, but I also believe that there is some­thing to be gained by being brave and indulging others’ concerns. It might be weird at first, but it can be incredibly rewarding. If noth­ing else, it might add some actual meaning to that obnoxious Whit­worth buzzword, “diversity.”

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