Where did the paper plates go?

Sodexo’s new policy eliminating paper plates, which allows students to take food out of the dining hall to eat in their rooms or in between classes, is aimed to reduce Sodexo’s yearly deficit.

While this may reduce costs to Sodexo it also eliminates any chance for students who have tight class schedules or do not want to eat in the dining hall to bring food outside. Prior to this new policy, students were sneaking excess food to their friends, but this policy also hurts students.

Sodexo should introduce a system that allows students to bring food out of Sodexo if their classes do not allow for a full lunch break. An alternative would be revising the current meal plan system to limit students to five swipes a day. This would allow ample meals per day while eliminating the possibility for students to pass their ID card to other students or bring food out for their friends.

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